Our STory

A trip between four friends across the world to the east and west coasts of the great southern island, spawned an idea to bring to life the feeling and culture of a faraway land to Los Angeles, in the form of an all-day brunch cafe.

“There is something in the water there,” people say, a remark suggesting something supernatural is simmering under the surface, too intangible to articulate. The fact is, there is something about Australia: the people, the landscape, the isolation. From afar it seems too out of reach, a mere daydream for most. So after three weeks chasing down surf, food, wine, coffee and coastline, the four friends, Ari, Shane, Andy and Tegan returned to Los Angeles with the essence of their adventure biting at their heels.

Nearly a year later, the perfect space to make the dream a reality presented itself along Main Street in the surfside city of Santa Monica, and the Little Prince brunch pop-up sprang to life. Bringing fresh, local and seasonal produce to the forefront of the breakfast experience, alongside spirited and herbaceous cocktails, the concept of a dreamy, stay all day place to gather by the sea with friends soon took hold. After amazing support from the community, the Main street location became the permanent home for Little Prince. Closing the book on the pop-up for a short period to redesign the bistro, the 4 friends soon became an unstoppable collective of 5 with the addition of Alex, and Little Prince reopened as a holistic and immersive neighborhood dining experience owned and operated by this family of friends.

We strive to bring you the best natural wine you’ve ever had, the best cocktails you’ve ever had. We want to be the place to meet with a group of friends to catch over brunch after a long weekend. We look forward to welcoming you to the family.

Ari Taymor

Ari Taymor

After cooking in Michelin starred and James Beard winning restaurants in San Francisco and southern France, Ari Taymor opened Alma in 2012. The restaurant was a local darling, earning praises from LA Times, LA Weekly and LA Magazine; being named a best new restaurant by each of them. In 2013 Alma was named the best new Restaurant in America by Bon Appetit magazine. The following year Taymor was named a Food and Wine Best New Chef and in 2015 Taymor was nominated for Rising Star Chef by the James Beard Foundation. After closing briefly in 2016, Alma was reincarnated inside The Standard in West Hollywood, receiving rave reviews from Jonathan Gold of the LA Times. Little Prince is the next chapter for Taymor to explore his love of the diverse ingredients and culture that make Southern California unique. 

ari is head chef / vegetable whisperer / partner

Shane Won Murphy

Shane Won Murphy

With a focus on development, consulting, and real estate brokerage in the hospitality sector over the past two decades, Shane Murphy has played an integral role in the expansion and growth of brands Zinqué and Massilia, which has locations in Venice, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Newport Beach. with several new current projects underway. Shane also has ownership in restaurants Sawyer, Scout, and Kettleblack in Silverlake. Other notable projects that Shane worked on include Vespertine, Plant Food + Wine, Bestia, and Wolf. Prior to focusing on hospitality, Shane was a principal at Urban Pacific West specializing in real estate construction and development in the luxury residential sector. Shane also currently holds the title of Senior Vice President at BRC Advisors Beverly Hills. Shane’s combined studies at the UCLA and UC Santa Barbara further serve as a strong foundation for his knowledge of global trends in lifestyle driven consumer markets.

Shane is CEO / Maitre-z / pro-surfer / partner

Andy Noel

Andrew Noel

A native to the fresh water lakes of Northern Michigan, Andrew started shooting photos and video at a young age with a focus on nature and action sports. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts, Andrew moved to the west coast and settled in Newport Beach as an Assistant Creative Director for Australian surf label, Rhythm. Migrating to Los Angeles two years later, Andrew lived and traveled as a freelance musician and photographer before meeting Tegan, and starting their own brand in 2015, creating original content across fashion, lifestyle, music, beauty, and now food.

Andrew is creative / digital + irl / vibe master / partner

Tegan Butler

Tegan Butler

Moving to Los Angeles in 2012 from a music and magazine publishing background in Melbourne, Australia, Tegan began her US career in music management at boutique agency, Vitalic Noise. Between working closely with Australian and international artists heading touring and artist relations, and meeting Andy, Tegan acquired an ex-tour van and fed their desire for travel by taking weekend road trips across the west coast. After two years of adventures together, Tegan began working alongside Andy in 2015 to build their own creative agency.

tegan is creative / botanist / space curator / partner

Alex Silber

Alex silber

Alex has spent over a decade in the real estate design and construction industry where he’s managed the build-out of 30+ tenant improvement and various high-end hotel projects in Downtown LA. His most recent project was the 120K sq ft Freehand Hotel and he is currently leading construction of the 70K sq ft Wayfarer Hotel - both of which are adaptive reuse projects located in the historic corridor area of Downtown Los Angeles. He spent his college years in Boulder, CO working in kitchens as a line cook in two of the town’s most popular and high volume restaurants, where he learned and garnered a strong appreciation for restaurant operations. Alex was born in Silverlake, Los Angeles and lives in Venice where he is dad to two little boys, Miles and Julien. 

alex is operations / ideas man / daddy / partner